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Mail Art

Between Autumn 2011 and Spring 2015, (when I drew a temporary end to my Mail Art activities) my Mail Art was included in almost 350 International Mail Art Exhibitions in over 40 different countries. In 2015, featured in the following Exhibitions:


'Les enfants ont des droits: défendons les!'. Chenove, France.

'Angels & Demons'. Worthsee. Germany.

'Art in Motion: Body, Time & Space'. Gravina in Puglia, Italy; Sao Paolo, Brazil; Lima and Ayacucho, Peru.

'Glass Music'. Minden, Germany.

'Malerwinkelause'. Nuedlingen, Germany.

'Utopia'. Oakland, CA. USA.

'My House'. Terceira, Portugal.

'Peace, Human Rights, Sustainability', Lille. France.

'I Save Nature, Nature Saves Me', St Petersburg, Russia.

'Rituals'. Edinburgh. Scotland, UK.

'Crooked Stamps', Melle, Germany.

'The Bed Show'. Green Bay, WI. USA.

'Aliens'. Faraga, Argentina.

'World Theatre Day'. Oliveira deAmazéis, Portugal.

'Parallels'. Novoribirsk, Russia.

'ARRT- Mountains', Trento Italy.

'Tree: Lettres et Images, Gradignan, Frace.

'Ist International Photo-based Mail Art Exhibition,', Thessaloniki, Greece.

'Twisted'. Victor Harbor, Australia.

'Our School Moves'. Minden Germany.

'Circular Art'. Oberaba, Brazil.