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I was born in Darlington, England, in 1946, and lived there until I went to University in 1965. I left the UK in 1977, and since then have lived in the Netherlands and France.

I am a self-taught artist. At primary school I made a serviette ring out of plastic. That was the sum total of my early creative art.

I studied Art for a year in the Sixth Form at Grammar School, but got thrown out, and so instead of going to Art College like John Lennon, Keith Richards, Ray Davies, Pete Townsend, Ian Drury, and other soon-to-be rock'n'roll greats, I went to University, and spent six years studying political science in the UK and Canada. Then I taught political science for eight years at universities in the UK, Denmark and the Netherlands and wrote and edited lots of books and learned articles.

When I stopped teaching, I worked for (too) many years in publishing, information services, market research, and legal services, before I became a lobbyist in Brussels for an international IT company

In 2001, I entered into enforced retirement and moved from Maastricht in the South of Holland to Sigean in the South of France. I became a Visiting Professor at universities in Lille, Nice and Paris, an environmental consultant, and a writer and artist. Over a period of five years I painted hundreds of water-colours, mainly featuring flowers (especially tulips), insects and birds. I have also written and (self-) published eleven books of auto-biography, fiction, paintings, photography, etc. (See section on 'Creative Writing')

Currently (winter 2016), I am focussing on various forms of Conceptual, Collage and Plastic Art., and preparing works for exhibitions in 2017 of Sports Collages (see Collage section) and what I call 'Colour Scopes' -- a series of joined and thematically linked canvasses featuring inctricate patterns of geometric 'dot' forms. 

I have recently dabbled in pottery and sculpture, as well as writing a video (see the 'Videos' section of this web-site). I am also writing a series of pieces for the Alto Recorder (but as there isn't a 'Music' section here you can't hear them --yet.)

I was previously Artist-in-Residence at the Galerie Serrencia in Sigean, where I now serve as Artistic Consultant. I am currently Artist-in-Residence in my own home and my own Studio.

In the summer of 2013, I formed the 'Collectif de Sigean' a group of contemporary artists, photographers and sculptors based in Sigean (the village in the South of France where I live). The Collectif held four sucessful  Exhibitions in the Galerie de Chateau, Sigean,  in 2013, 2014 and 2015. (For further details see Collectif de Sigean section).  In April 2015, the Collectif de Sigean, in association with the Mairie de Sigean, organised  the 1st Sigean Festival d'Art, a week long event that included 3 exhibitions and 8 other artistic 'happenings'.

In May 2015, the Collectif became a legal entity, and was renamed the 'Association Sigean Art Contemporain' (ASAC).

I was one of the founder members of ASAC and its first President. One of ASAC's first activities was to organise, on behalf of the Mairie of Sigean, a fortnight long event in August 2015 entitled 'Notre Patrimonie Artistique' in which 20+ works that had been donated to the Mairie by famous artists over the years were put on exhibition for the first time. In May 2016, ASAC organised the highly succesful  2nd Sigean Festival d'Art in May 2016, that included 8 major exhibitions, 4 half-day art workshops, displays in a score of local shops and restaurants, and the participation of local schools and colleges. In Juky 2016, ASAC organised an exhibtion of contemporary art entitled '5th Symphony', and at the close of the exhibition, I resigned as president of ASAC when it became clear that the majority of the members of ASAC were neither interested in contemporary art, nor shared my visions of establishing Festivals that featured non-French -- and essentially non-local-- contemporary artists. After my departure, ASAC re-named itself as the 'Sigean Association of Art and Culture' (which allowed it to keep the acronym ASAC, even though its new title implies that art is seperate from culture).

My various artistic activities are co-ordinated by the Old Fountain Conceptual Artist and Writing Syndicate in Sigean, where I work with my loyal assistants Bianca and Boots.