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I have produced a number of works of what I call 'Conceptual Art', but which some might want to call 'Found Art' from the French 'objet trouvé'. Let's just call them 'Mixed Media Assemblages'. Sometimes I find the material for these works on the sea-shore or in the forest, but most times I find them lying around at home or in the Syndicate's Permanent Installation.

I try and juxtapose two or more simple objects and/or materials into something that is different from their individual parts. For example, I have created a 'Sea Monster' from a piece of drift-wood, and some feathers from a Football World Cup wig. Another example: I have made a portrait of my late mother from a photo, some dice and some foam sound-damping material. Last example: I have made a miniature version of Darlington FC from traditional wooden clothes pegs which I have painted and assembled in a Cartier cigar box.