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Erotic Art Stamps

I contributed to a Postal Art Exhibition of ArtiStamps that was held in Sevilla, Spain, in 2011.

You are probably wondering what on earth is an 'ArtiStamp'? Well, in the words of the ArtiStamp Group of the International Union of Mail Artists,

"An artistamp (a portmanteau of the words "artist" and "stamp") or artist's stamp refers to a postage stamp-like artform. It is similar to a Cinderella stamp in that it is not valid for postage, but it differs from a forgery or a bogus stamp in that (typically) the creator has no intent to fool any post office or collector of stamps. (However, depending on how the stamp is used, it may be difficult to distinguish artistamps from local post stamps.) The artistamp is intended to be a miniature artwork which can depict or commemorate any subject its creator chooses.".

If that's not clear, here's an example of some ArtiStamps that I've created.

So now you know what an ArtiStamp is, and back to Sevilla.

One of the suggested themes for the Exhibition there was 'eroticism'. In the words of the organiser 'El Taller de Zenon' in his call for entries:

Eroticism always had been one of the motors of human being ¿Is it still a motor at the present time? Was it affected by the actual global crisis? Consider the option to work about eroticism as a theme in all the possible ways, the required size is suitable to develop it, and it will be interesting to prove how the actual crisis is affecting eroticism in connection with Postal Art.

I had problems with this at first because I almost exclusively work with what I call 'officially issued postage stamps', that's to say those issued by the postal authorities. These (the stamps, not the postal authorities) are not deliberately erotic (perish the thought!) -- although they often are 'silly'.

I decided to re-interpret El Taller's brief by first of all creating some large format ArtiStamps.Then I incorporatd some officially issued postage stamps into them. And last of all I developed some ideas about eroticism and stamps.

Here are the 7 works that were exhibited in Sevilla.

(If they are not erotic enough for you then 'Get your Kicks on Route 66'. Or elsewhere.)